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3 IPS Clamp


AC DC Converter


GE D60 Relay


GE F650 Feeder Protection Relay

3 IPS Isolator Expansion Clamp

3 IPS Twin Moose Clamp


3 IPS Clamp 1

3 IPS Clamp 3

4 IPS Dropper Clamp

4 IPS Go Through Clamp

4 IPS Twin Moose

66kV Female Jaw Contact

Automatic Semaphore Indicator

BPI Clamp

Breaker Clamp

Breaker Clamp 1

Breaker Clamp 2

Breaker Clamp 3

Breaker Clamp 3 IPS

Breaker Clamp 4 IPS

Breaker Clamp 4 IPS Expansion

Breaker Clamp Expension

Breaker Support Plate

Bus Bar Spacer 400kV

Bus Clamp

Bushing Clamp

Bushing Clamp Twin Bersimi 1

Bushing Clamp Twin Bersimis

Bushing Clamp Twin Bersimis 2

Bushing Clamp Twin Moose

Bushing Clamp Twin Zebra

Cable Extension Kit Assembly

Cable Jointing Kit


C T Clamp Expansion

C-T Clamp Expansion 2

Female Finger 220kV Isolator

Female Finger Contact

Female Finger Contact 2

Female Finger Contact 220kV

Female Finger Contact 220kV Isolator

Female Jaw Contact 220kV

Isolator Clamp 1

Isolator Clamp

Isolator Clamp 3 IPS

Isolator Clamp 4 IPS

Isolator Clamp 220kV

Isolator Clamp Twin Moose

Isolator Clamp Twin Zebra

Isolator Earthing Jaw Contact

Isolator Mechanism Handel Support

Isolator Mechanism Part

Isolator Pad Clamp

Isolator Pad Clamp 1

Isolator Pad Clamp 2

Isolator Pad Clamp 3

Isolator Rotating Head Assembly

Isolator Switch


L Type Isolator Clamp

Male Contact 11kV

NCT Clamp

NCT Clamp 1

NCT Clamps

Numerical Relay

Pad Clamp Isolator

P G Clamp

Quad Bersimis Clamp

Quad Zebra Clamp

Transformer Cooling Fan

Tripping Closing Coil

Twin C T

Motor Protection Relay

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